Town reports 217 diarrhoea cases

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The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 A PRELIMINARY test on diarrhoea patients in Bulolo town showed symptoms of  diarrhoea, provincial health advisor Micah Yawing says. 

Yawing said more tests were being conducted. There have been 217 reported cases of diarrhoea. One person has died so far.

The 86 patients from Bubu in Wariaare are taking refuge at the Bulolo police station after a fight with the Watuts. The remaining 131 are from settlements in town.

Yawing said provincial health intervened to help with medical supplies and health staff had been sent to diagnose and treat people.

“Tests by technical officers indicate diarrhoea but we will await proper confirmation from laboratory tests.”

He condemned the refugee centre where the  532 displaced Bubu people and children live as unfit for human habitation because it did not have a proper water supply and sanitation.

“The provincial authority will submit a situation report to provincial administrator Geoving Belong to advise Governor Kelly Naru (so that issue is addressed) immediately at the provincial assembly,” Yawing said.

He said the district, provincial health and government, with the disaster and emergency unit, needed to discuss and resolve the care centre issue

Bulolo MP Sam Basil has asked Naru to use the emergency health team and the district team to address the problem.