Towns need more bookshops, manager says

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The National,Wednesday August 12th, 2015

 THERE is a need for more bookshops in towns, according to University of Papua New Guinea Press and Bookshop manager John Evans.

Evans was speaking during the launching of a book comprising stories written by Buimo jail prisoners, prison officers and volunteers called The Turning Point.

Evans said bookshops were important in any urban setting where people could buy books to read. “The lack of bookshops is a downside,” Evans said.

He said apart from promoting the reading culture among young Papua New Guineans, all stakeholders associated with writing, publishing and libraries, must promote the “book chain cycle”.

“The book chain is a cycle where a writer writes a book which is read by a reader and that reader is interested and influenced to become a writer and starts to write a book,” he said.

Meanwhile, Willie Junduo, representing the National Library and Awareness secretariat, made a call to the prison hierarchy to recruit a literacy specialist in the department.

Junduo said the person should train CS officers to become literacy trainers, which will impact positively in the organisation.