TPA gives K40,000 to Nature Park

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 25th April 2013

 TOURISM Promotion Authority (TPA) has joined an impressive list of corporate sponsors of the Port Moresby Nature Park by providing K40,000 recently.

The funds will be used for “Educational and Informative Signage –Park Wide” and qualifies TPA as a silver sponsor.

TPA director of policy and planning Alcinda Trawen said the funding assistance was in line with their current project on enhancing Port Moresby City sites.

Trawen said the fund would assist the Nature Park to continue to roll-out its educational and interpretational signage throughout the park so that all visitors could learn about plants and animals.

“Presently, there is limited signage in the Nature Park which diminishes tourists and visitors ability to learn and marvel at PNG’s unique natural flora and fauna,” she said.

“We are confident it will provide tourists with a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of PNG’s plants and animals due to the ability to read signage throughout the park. For many international visitors, the Nature Park provides the only up-close experience to many of PNG’s unique plants and animals.”

Nature Park general manager Michelle McGeorge thanked TPA, saying the sponsorship meant TPA recognised the nature park as a major tourism attraction for Port 


McGeorge said she looked forward to creating more signage throughout the park which would be helpful to tourists and city residents who frequented the park.

She said the signage would ensure tour guides were giving correct and factual information to tourists. 

McGeorge said the signage would also enhance their ability to highlight endangered or unique PNG plant species and the ability to explain through signage traditional uses of plants in order to highlight to tourists Papua New Guinean’s unique connection to the land. 

She added that the signage would also highlight structures within the Nature Park that were built and used in World War II.