TPA pleased with Budget allocation

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THE Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority has commended the Government for its commitment to developing tourism as a long-term sustainable industry.
TPA chief executive officer Peter Vincent said yesterday that the Government had consistently increased TPA’s annual budget during the past seven years – from a meagre K3.4 million in 2001, to almost K20 million for 2010.
Mr Vincent said in the Budget handed down last week, the Government had allocated K6 million on the implementation of important projects identified under the tourism master plan 2007-17, K3 million for the tourism credit facility managed by the National Development Bank and K9.8 million for the TPA’s recurrent expenditure, including ongoing operational costs.
“We have seen annual increases in budgetary support under the Government over the last seven years or so and this reflects the National Government’s unwavering commitment to grow tourism as a sustainable industry in the country,” he said.
Mr Vincent said key projects identified under the tourism master plan had already been implemented and the Government’s support would greatly enhance TPA’s ability to further achieve its main objectives under the plan.
He said early this month, TPA pumped in a further K1 million into the tourism credit facility and the Government’s K3 million allocation would mean more small to medium enterprises in tourism could be funded.
Mr Vincent said the onus was now on all tourism industry partners, product owners, stakeholders and key Government agencies to work together to ensure PNG developed and promoted a truly unique and sustainable tourism industry that PNG could be proud of.