Trade union backs Abal

National, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

THE PNG Trade Union Congress has encouraged acting Prime Minister Sam Abal not to succumb to pressure and intimidation from his peers.
General secretary John Paska said the expulsion of Abal by a group in Enga “amounts to a storm in a tea cup which he will ride through unscathed”.
“Abal must stand firm and resolute in the face of adversity,” Paska said.
“Now more than ever, PNG needs strong, steady and courageous leadership.
“Abal has to rise up to the challenge.”
He said PNG needed a strong and mature leader with wisdom and foresight and the character to lead the nation and “Abal is the man at this hour and moment”.
“Workers and ordinary Papua New Guineans have confidence in his leadership and stand firmly behind him.”
Paska said party politics was secondary to national political interest.
“Party politics has destroyed this nation.
“People are sick and tired of arrogant and bickering party politics.”
He also saluted the acting prime minister for setting aside petty politics and personal interest and placing national interest first.
“Victory comes to those who persevere. We trust we will persevere,” Paska said.