Traffic hazards now a lifestyle in Port Moresby

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I AM fed up with some brainless drivers in Port Moresby.
Last Wednesday, I waited for two hours because someone in a brand new Landcruiser decided to double park along Douglas Street.
As a result, I was unable to collect my prep-aged daughter from school.
There is hardly any room to move along the street and yet some drivers chose to double park.
Many people are also doing the same in front of Pacific Place, Stop N Shop, banks, etc.
People are blatantly breaking the law and yet the authorities are doing nothing about this.
PMVs are still doing U-turns at the clock tower roundabout instead of going to the bottom and turning around.
The number of traffic violations I witness every day is staggering.
If I were to collect K50 for every violation, I could be living in my own private island sipping margaritas instead of complaining about the traffic.
One day, a friend and I counted 100 violations between the clock tower and the fire station.
They included double parking, parking on side walks and kerbs, pulling out without warning, driving dangerously, speeding, using mobiles while driving, etc.
You do the maths yourself, 100 violations at K50 per violation.
As it is, there are already too many cars in Port Moresby.
Last week, I saw a gigantic vessel docked and more cars were unloaded.
I wish all drivers good luck as many roads are now jammed with vehicles.

Big red
Port Moresby