Traffic jams a problem in NCD

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TRAFFIC jams is becoming a chronic problem in many parts of NCD, especially at the Waigani traffic light to Gerehu suburb and Erima runabout.
At peak hours, at almost every intersection and runabout, we see vehicles queuing up bumper-to-bumper.
This may be caused by the cheap imported vehicles coming to Port Moresby every month.
Another reason is that the four-lane roads should be increased to six lanes to cater for heavy traffic flow.
The general criticism is that the city is not well planned and the roads cannot cater to all the traffic, causing congestions and other related traffic problem in Port Moresby.
All the commercial centres are located in Boroko, Waigani, Gordon and downtown and when the majority of the people residing in suburbs travel to these places at almost the same time, traffic jams build up.
I call on the NCDC city planning committee to spread out the commercial areas to include 9-Mile, 14-Mile, Baruni, Gerehu and Laloki areas.
These are my suggestions: 
* Do not build more roads but secure more land from customary landowners and urbanise them for commercial purposes like Gordon, downtown, Boroko and Waigani;
* Halt the construction underway to build a freeway from 8-Mile to Gerehu. There are not many commercial and industrial activities in Gerehu and 8-Mile now compared to Gordon industrial area;
* Promote and encourage the smooth flow of traffic and PMV buses from town to Gerehu. Though the road is in good condition, road users are worried that rascals may carry out hold-ups and road blocks; and
* Encourage police patrol along that road frequently or build a new police station at Baruni.
Let’s start to think and do things constructively to contain the problems the city faces now and in the future.


Blake Bamba
Port Moresby