Traffic office too slow


THE actions of officers at Central Province Transport Authority (CPTA) and Boroko Traffic Office are unacceptable.
PMV owners in Central are frustrated.
A year earlier, when you purchase a truck to operate a PMV service, you get the necessary legal documentations at CPTA to get the PMV registered.
Then you have to register your driver and crew.
This process takes about a month or so.
You then need to organise a medical check-up for your crew.
After this, you go to the police forensic office to get police clearance.
Getting fingerprints can sometimes take about three days.
Now the new process is that after the fingerprints, you have to go to Boroko Traffic Office to collect the police clearance a week later.
One week is spent trying to get medical and fingerprints.
After waiting for another week, you go to Boroko Traffic office and you are told to return the next day because the officer who gives out the clearance is not in for the day.
This continues for about two to three days.
Should there be a section/department with several officers responsible to ensure that police clearances are given out on time?
It seems whenever the head in that section at Boroko Traffic Office is not in, the junior officers also take the day off.
While all this is happening, three weeks have already gone by and the PMV owners, who have loans to pay are losing income because the documents to run their PMVs are still being held up by incompetent officers.
By the time you get the clearance and then go back to CPTA to secure the permits for the drivers and crew, they will come up with another requirement such as “tell the owner to write a letter that they want you to drive this truck or be a crew on this truck”.
The permits for the PMV and the crew are valid for 12 months. After 12 months, the whole process is repeated.
Because of the delay, CPTA should give a letter to PMV operators, which is valid for a certain period, stating the reason why the driver and crew are without renewed permits.
But CPTA refuses to do this.
CPTA officers will be on the highway, setting up checkpoints and charging PMV drivers.
They are only interested in getting money from the drivers.
Some of these officers write their names and phone numbers on a document that is a government-issued infringement notice and they tell the drivers to go and see them later at CPTA.
Then there is the police highway patrol who go to the extent of pointing guns at the drivers and crew just to extort money from them.
This is robbery by the police in Central.
The only difference between them and the criminals is that they are wearing uniforms and holding legally-issued firearms by the State.
CPTA should do something to have all the functions of renewing licences and permits in one place.
Print in the newspapers the various traffic infringement notices and the penalties that apply.

PMV Owner,