Traffic officers not helping


THE Road Transport Authority has employed incompetent officers who are charging motorists recklessly and unnecessarily for their own benefit.
I travelled from 8-Mile towards Gordon and I was stopped for not renewing the safety sticker.
I was asked to pay a penalty fee of K300.
It was my fault so I didn’t have any grounds to argue.
I went ahead and bought new safety sticker immediately. I asked for leniency because I had kids to be picked up from school but they expected something from me because I am renowned single mother and an entrepreneur.
They were late in serving me so I left my car in their yard and came home.
That happened last Thursday.
The next day, no one was interested in attending to my case so I went home again in the evening which meant my car was going to be locked up for the weekend.
On Monday, I went again and paid penalty fee of K300 using my bank card and asked for my car key but they said it was misplaced.
My small business suffered a loss of about K7,000 because of that inconvenience and I have filed a complaint to the National Capital District police’s traffic division.
I am not done with you lot in there.

NCD Motorist


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