Traffic police to carry out registration checks

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Traffic police in the National Capital District are to  carry out roadblocks daily to check on unregistered vehicles, particularly PMVs.
Senior Constable and team leader of the General Squad B of 4-Mile Traffic Vagi Ikau told The National that they were instructed to check on unregistered vehicles, mainly buses and taxis.
“Many PMVs (buses and taxis) in the city are coming up with excuses and saying there is a moratorium with the Transport Department and the board is yet to do approval to start issuing licences,” Vagi said.
“They say that every time they go there, they get told that it’s not ready.”
Vagi said  genuine PMV owners were sometimes influenced by non-genuine ones and they drove around without licences, resulting in an increase in the number of PMVs.
“We’ve realised that in the past, there used to be no more than 100 buses and taxis running, but nowadays it’s more than that.” Vagi said.
“The thing we pick out in the daily roadblocks is that genuine owners are influenced by the non-genuine ones and they are all driving without registrations. We have PMVs driving around with white plates.
“So what we are doing now is to check on the unregistered motor vehicles and PMVs, but our focus will be on the taxis and buses because they are the ones picking passengers.”
Vagi said they started a week ago to discourage PMV buses in taking wrong routes.