Trainer: Learn the value of coconut

Lae News, Normal

The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

THE down stream processing of copra into other products is being encouraged.
A group of 21 participants were told at the Markham Road Primary School in Lae last Friday that people should learn to add value to the coconut.
The message was from a cocoa coconut improvement project training expert.
The one-week training involved mostly female teachers and farmers who were taught methods to make soap, cookies, cooking oil, lotion, stock feed and biscuit cream, among many others.
Speaking before the handing out of certificates Cocoa Coconut Institute project manager Peter Homu told the participants  that it was important to learn the skills on how to downstream every part of the coconut.
“We are targeting coconut communities because it is important that people and villagers know the importance of the coconut,” he said.
Trainer Yasum Madan said that he was happy to deliver the knowledge that he had back to the people.
“I want to preach the good news of the coconut to the people so that everyone will benefit ,” he said.