Training centre receives K40,000 donation


THE Malaysian Association of PNG gave K40,000 to the Talleres de Nazaret Training Centre last Friday to fund its operations.
Ivan Lu, the chairman of the association’s fundraising committee, said the sisters at the centre were training women to sew, cook and bake so they can start small
businesses to help them make a living.
“The need to train the community as a whole for them to take care of themselves is the reason why the MAPNG keep donating to charities for committing their time and effort to taking care of the unfortunate,” Lu said.
The association has raised about K8 million in the past 17 years.
The funds have been distributed to charities and hospitals.
Lu said Talleres de Nazaret Training Centre had done much for the community and deserved financial assistance to grow bigger and better.
He urged members of the public to take up opportunities provided by training centres such as the TNTC to help themselves find a job or run a small business.