Training empowers 58 with skills for change

Youth & Careers

A YOUTH and adolescent course has given 58 graduates the skills to understand character building, deal with poverty, violence, law and justice to help change their community for the better.
The week-long course was held at Wara-Kalap in 14-Mile.
It was facilitated by Morobe Empowerment Youth Organisation (Meyo) and Jesus Ministry of Wara-Kalap.
The workshop ended yesterday with participants receiving certificates.
Meyo director Henry Dinding, who organised the course, said people have to be able to understand today’s situation in order to help themselves.
“We held sessions on gender-based violence, human rights, cycle of poverty and violence, mind transformation and character, and the law and justice systems,” he said.
“The training took us eight days to cover all sessions. We had five facilitators, each of whom held sessions on each of the topics.”
He said the initiative started in 2012 to unite people and help them to realise their potential.
Meanwhile, Wara-Kalap community have been urged to change their mindset and not rely on the government.
Morobe programme adviser for health Micah Yawing said the country’s youths and adolescents are the people who will support and carry the nation forward.
Yawing said under health, education, community development and law and order sectors, integral human development was vital.
“The youth and adolescents are the very important people in the community,” he said.
“Today’s youth are the resources that will bring development in the community, wards and local level governments. Social problems are caused by people, not pigs and dogs.
“We question ourselves why the government plans and administrative policies are not effective.
“It is because everything depends on us as individuals.
“People must take ownership and take responsibility in their own lives and change, if they want to see real development.”
He said capacity building and skills transfer are important in the development of communities.

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