Training facility provides opportunity to upgrade qualifications

Youth & Careers

THE Pacific Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) now has a new training facility at the Holy Trinity Teachers College in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands.
College principal Michael Miamel confirmed that the branch was located inside the college campus.
The administration offered the institute a building to use to conduct training.
Miamel said this would provide an opportunity for people who wanted to study and upgrade their qualifications. He said the institute could provide a service to interested professionals in the public and private sector to improve their ability particularly as managers and administrators.
Miamel said the college benefited from recent and current infrastructure developments. The developments allowed them to incorporate the PLTI into its campus.
“Such institutions have not been in the province but this now becomes an opportunity for us,” Miamel said.
He encouraged businesses and organisations in Mt Hagen and the Highlands to make use of the facility at Holy Trinity.
Miamel said with improving the standard of education and a wider array of opportunities available, people needed to take advantage of them.

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