Training helps ‘police supervision’

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

GULF provincial police commander Inspector Silas Wayagure says there has been an improvement in the supervision of senior officers in the province.
This follows a leadership training they attended in Port Moresby, he said.
Wayagure said during the graduation of five non-commissioned officers from the province who completed their three-week course on frontline supervision at the Bomana Police Training College last Friday that supervisory standard at the Kerema police station was much better.
Three officers had undertaken the same training in February.
“Before, they just go on their own. Now they tell their men to do the right thing – like coming to work early, doing briefings and actually telling them what to do. So at least we are seeing some improvements,” he said.
“Now they know their roles and responsibilities as to what they should do when they report for duty. At the end of the day, there’s productivity and everyone is accountable for his or her action.”
He said the five officers from Gulf consisted of two from Kerema, two from Malalaua district and one from Kikori.
He plans to talk to the training college to organise a firearm course in Kerema.