Training being offered to prisoners and CS staff and families

Youth & Careers

THE Human Development Institute (HDI) will be facilitating personal viability training to Port Moresby’s prison inmates and Correctional Services staff and their families next month.
“Ninth April we are starting the training at the Bomana Correctional institute,” HDI Founder Sam Tam Told The National on Friday.
“The personal viability course is aimed at developing the mind which is the mental prison that limits people from excelling,” he said.
“For example, people think they need a degree and loan from bank to become rich which they don’t,” Tam said.
He said the training develops the mindsets of people to contribute meaningfully to society.
He said the institute’s personal viability course had about 30 to 40 topics which would run
for two weeks from Monday to Friday.
According to Tam, some of the topics that would be covered include:

  • Finding yourself, owning yourself and being yourself;
  • how to use time and money;
  • budget costing;
  • universal law to give and receive; and
  • Preparation and theme work.

Tam said the programme was being run under the Correctional Services and HDI public private partnership.
“The duration of programmes are from two-week courses to 30 days of practical training and full-time implemention of income-generating projects.
“Detainees would be
streamed to different projects,” Tam said.
“We are there to rehabilitate detainees and prepare them for life after prison.”

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