Training on governance

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 A WORKSHOP organised by State agencies last week discussed ways of improving the efficiency and governance of institutions that deliver services.

The two-day workshop that began on Tuesday was to ensure that government line agencies, NGOs and development partners shared responsibilities. 

This will assist them to develop reporting and monitoring mechanisms for the performances of provinces and districts.

The participants discussed how best they could effectively assist and deliver government goods and services in a timely manner. 

The workshop was told that the Government had allocated huge amounts of development grants to districts and local level government and that it was important to report and monitor the funds to ensure good governance and accountability.

This is to assist those charged with governance, over sighting responsibilities in improving performance rather than merely identifying weaknesses. 

The combined workshop was jointly organised by Department of Implementation and Rural Development, National Economic and Fiscal Commission and Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs. 

It was attended by officers from the Auditor General, Department of Finance and Treasury, AusAID, World Bank, World Vision, Vision 2050 and National Research Institute.