Training to stop gender violence

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The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

REX and Fabbie Napatalai completed a two-week training against gender-based violence Training recently in Alotau, Milne Bay.
Both were part of 34 Nawae Construction staff, including several couples like the Napatalais who completed the course and received their certificates on July 31.
This is the first time the company had sent its employees and their spouses to attend this type of training.
Nawae Construction general manager John Mek congratulated all his employees and their spouses for attending the course.
Mek said Nawae was one of a few companies that enabled its employees and their spouses to be trained to stop or prevent violence.
He encouraged his employees to tell their colleagues the importance of zero domestic violence.
He said it was encouraging that husbands and wives of the company were taught these skills.
“Abuse comes in many levels and there are many types of level of abuse where both the victim and the perpetrator both suffer,” he said.
“I challenge those who attended that to practise what you learnt at work and at home,” he said.
He said the training was the first of many the company would carry out for its employees as the gender based violence training.