Transition not clear


THE Government’s approval of the transition between the teacher education division, Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) on the transfer of primary teachers colleges, nursing and technical colleges is still not clear.
May 2022 has been the official period of completion in the transition, but to this date, we (academic staff) are not sure of what to do.
Earlier this year, we were advised by TSC to submit resignations, specifically those with master’s degree and above, so that the entitlements are paid in full prior to applying back to DHERST to commence under new terms and conditions.
Lecturers with first degrees were encouraged to write to TSC for possible return to primary and secondary schools to continue.
If resignation is compulsory for concerned lecturers, then why did not TSC issue an official minute so that we respond to accordingly?
A good number of academic staff would like to resign now and re-apply back to the system through DHERST.
Current changes over the directions placed earlier in the newspaper need to be made known to us, particularly at primary teachers colleges.
The transition has affected academics.
Academic qualifications are of paramount importance.
Not all lecturers are in the same rank, most have degrees and a few with postgraduate qualifications.
Proper explanations are needed on what should be done as far as academic protocol in teaching and learning are concerned.
Teaching staff are the core component of any learning institution and important information with regard to transitions need to be communicated properly so that everyone is aware of the changes.

Jack Anis Kukiwa,
Academic Staff

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