Transparency, accountability


TODAY’S problem with leadership is not that leaders lack intelligence, experience or money, but they lack transparency and accountability.
Even more so they lack of integrity.
These are the three big words leaders use all the time but fail to live by.
No amount of money, resources, experience or intelligence will change this country if our mandated leaders are living double standards – both in public and private life.
The lack of integrity transparency and accountability contribute to bureaucratic dysfunction and poverty.
A person with integrity is driven by moral and ethical values.
Poor organisational integrity is caused by the lack of leadership integrity, leading to poor governance and illegitimacy in government business.
As a result, service delivery is affected and the country struggles to find growth and prosperity.
The restoration of integrity at all leadership levels in both politics and bureaucracy is badly needed in this country.

Dr. Samuel Maima
MD Medline Pacific

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