Transparency advocacy group launched in ENB

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IN its fight against corruption, East New Britain has established a transparency advocacy group which will work closely with Transparency International.
The group, ENB Transparency Advocacy, would investigate corruption in the province.
It also seeks to promote good governance to children and youths with the establishment of a anti-corruption education and awareness.
Non-governmental organisation leader in the province, Patrick Varagat said the role of the ENB Transparency Advocacy was to promote good governance, good attitudes and values such as honesty, integrity, accountability  and freedom of expression amongst the people for effective democratic participation.
The formation of the ENB Transparency Advocacy followed a public forum held in Kokopo last month which was organised by the Transparency International (PNG) and was attended by the general public, NGOs and two deputy provincial administrators representing the ENB provincial administration.
Mr Varagat had earlier criticised top public servants and provincial leaders for not attending the forum.
He called on NGOs in the province to establish an anti-corruption body to conduct awareness on good governance and anti-corruption practices.
He said an interim executive was already in  place to lay the ground work for a permanent board which would have representatives from all walks of life.