Transport Dept enforcing buai laws

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter  by Makep Ikining of Seven-Mile, “Off-Road looting disgrace” (The National Jan 20)..
The vehicles and times mentioned are correct but the organisation is not. It should be the enforcement unit of the land transport division of the Transport Department.
The Nissan Urban silver coloured, 15-seater bus is doing its normal routine enforcement duties.
Roadside vending, at bus stops and at strategic locations like the airport, wharves and other vital Government establishments is illegal under our laws.
These are not proper vending places. These makeshift markets attract unnecessary crowds, causing congestion, rubbish and inconvenience pedestrians and nearby workers.
The land transport division’s enforcement unit is vested with power conferred to us under the Motor Traffic Act to destroy, loot and removed ignorant and irresponsible people who are knowingly and intentionally conducting illegal and unauthorised activities at our bus stops, airports and wharves or any very important Transport Department establishments.
Also, we are not city rangers who go around the streets of Port Moresby terrorising street vendors. We only clear up the above mentioned locations which came directly under our
Further, the Transport Secretary and the superintendent of motor traffic issued a public warning that was published in the newspapers on Aug 7 last year, highlighting the crackdown on vendors prior to this incident and many others since then. 
The public is again warned not to sell anything along the road, along footpaths, and bus stops, especially those at the Jackson Airport area.


Max Letre Napita, Transport  Department


Mr Ikining’s comments are genuine but he was barking up the wrong tree.
The enforcing agency inspectors who conducted the raid were from the land transport division of the Transport Department, or other agencies.
These inspectors are always under a strong commander to avoid such disgraceful act.
The National Road Safety Council inspectors were not involved because they are currently on a break.
The NRSC should not be blamed for what happened at roadside vendors at Seven-Mile bus stop.
If there are complaints against NRSC inspectors, write to our office because your input and comments will help to improve our operations on the roads.
Remember, NRSC is a road safety advocate, not an agency that harasses and loot street vendors.


Nelson Terema,
Manager – SDD, NRSC