Transport hinders service delivery in Karamui

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

LACK of regular air transportation in and out of remote Karamui government station has been a major hindrance to the delivery of basic government services, which has badly affected livelihoods of the rural population.
This was the basic observation by Port Moresby-based Agatha Kora-Corbett in her recent visit to the Karamui station in Chimbu.
Corbert was doing her community and church rounds when she experienced the hardships faced by people in their daily lives.
She said Karamui boasted fertile soil suitable for major agriculture investment in crops such as cocoa, cardamom, coffee and peanut which could bring huge financial benefits to the district.
With air transport, the only means to reach the remote government station, Corbert wants to see Karimui-Nomane MP Mogerema Sigo Wei and Governor Noah Kool working together to find a workable solution help the 50,000 plus people of Karimui.
“Unlike other parts of Chimbu province, Karamui is so blessed and rich with fertile soil which can make it the agriculture hub of Chimbu,” she said.
She said Karimui people were hardworking and business-minded but the continuous lack of transport was the biggest obstacle in their progress.
The 20 minute flight out of Goroka in Eastern Highlands costs K300 and most people in Karamui cannot afford it to access basic government services in health, education and others.