Trape: I will focus on roads

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The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

NEWLY-ELECTED Mul-Baiyer MP Koi Trape said his priority was improving all the roads in the electorate.
After the roads are fixed, he will then turn his attention to health and education in the Western Highlands.
Trape told the people at Dobel, Mt Hagen, that roads were very important in the overall development of the district.
When good roads are available and people able to around freely, his office will then look at improving health and education facilities.
Overall, he wants the people to experience basic government service and improve their lives.
Trape has also ordered that all district accounts be frozen.
He will also look into the district management team and kick out unproductive staff.
Trape wants to check on the performance of the entire management team including the auditing of the district treasury department to promote honesty and transparency.
Trape said services would only reach the people if the public service machinery was functioning.
He aims to continue from where former MP Sani Rambi left off.
He said Baiyer also had state land which could generate income.
He plans to move back to the electorate and work with the staff after the new government is formed.