Trappe, well done for distribution of services

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 BAIYER-LUMUSA used to  be a hideout for bank robbers, car thieves, plane hijackers, unregistered vehicles and gunmen. 

But  thanks  to  prominent lawyer Paul Paraka and Koi Trappe, there is now peace. 

The government is funding assistance, through the MP, to purchase police vehicles and accommodation buildings for the police. 

That encourages and supports peace as well as minimises law and order issues. The Baiyer police  are  doing  a great job. 

With their presence, the glory  days  of  law  and  order are slowly creeping in. 

I have also read and noticed that the Baiyer police are doing foot patrols at the Baiyer bus stop and around  Mt Hagen town, which shows that there  is change with respect to the fearful culture  that  has  dominated  the community for the last 10 to 15 years. 

If I am not wrong, I have not seen developments in the last 20 years. 

I am 30 years old and it is a first-of-its-kind  and a revelation for me. 

I thought that government service was all about cash handouts, free tickets to and from Port Moresby, booking hotel rooms and driving hired vehicles, but now, it is the other way around with the people’s money being distributed equally, translating to services and infrastructures. 

It really amazes me. 

I have realised that the MP for Mul-Baiyer and Lumusa  is starting to faithfully divert funds that rightfully belong to the people by evenly distributing services to all levels of the population. 

Trappe, you have been mandated for less than two years, but I can smell and taste something sweet. 

When I mentioned services, I am referring to millions of kina worth of equipment and infrastructure services now at hand such as the five police buildings,  two  police vehicles, four bulldozers, two eight-tonne dump trucks, two diggers, two high school trucks, tuition fees for students, the upgrading of feeder and main roads, new classrooms and the bird sanctuary rehabilitation. 


Kombo Soul