Travel agent denies 10% deduction claim

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

A LOCAL travel service that deals with teachers airfares in Western Highlands has denied claims it deducts 10% from the teachers’ leave entitlements.
Haren Travel Services general manager Brian Folock said a newspaper report last Friday was damaging to the company responsible for arranging all leave fares for teachers in Enga, Western Highlands and National Capital District schools.
He said the company did not deduct any 10% from the teachers’ airfares and gave full value for all ticket as submitted by their respective provincial governments.
He said the allegation by teachers in Western Highlands was baseless and was damaging to the reputation of a company.
He said under the agreement with the respective divisions and provincial administration, the company only charged 10% if teachers asked for cash payment.
“We get our commission from Air Niugini and we do not charge 10%, even the bank does not charge any fees for that matter,” he said.
“Teachers need to understand the processes and the agreements before blindly going to the media to attack a reputable company.
“The 10% charge is for those teachers who wanted cash instead of the ticket.
“The 10% is for the administration cost but if the teachers want tickets, then we give full value for their tickets and it’s done timely for them to go home for Christmas,” Folock said.
He said all ticket were issued according to the number of dependants the teacher supplied to the respective provincial administrations, which then arranged with them to arrange tickets for the teachers so that they left in time for their Christmas vacation.