Traverts breaks national record in hammer throw


THE PNG Games athletics competition finished their presentations with National Capital District field athlete Jacklyn Traverts breaking her own hammer throw national record with a 40.06m effort during the PNG Games.
Traverts, who is also a national squad member, said setting a new mark in had given her a boost in confidence as she focused on her next big assignment representing her country at this week’s Pacific Mini Games in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
“Breaking the hammer throw record has given me confidence heading to Port Vila next week for the athletics competition. I’m hoping I can win a medal for PNG,” Traverts said.
“It was a great opportunity coming to take part in the PNG Games again. It was a good lead-up event for me and I also got to help other young athletes who are hoping to make it in the national side one day.”
Athletics competition manager Phillip Kamane said Traverts’ record-breaking effort was the only major highlight of the competition but this did not discount the effort put in by athletes from all participating provinces.
Several medal presentations did not take place on Friday as some athletes had already left the province and Kamanae said their medals would be mailed to them.
Results: Men’s Shot Put – Simon Benari (West Sepik) 10.81m; Sam Giasa (Morobe) 10.35; Willie Waine (Chimbu) 10.27; Women’s Javelin – Geralda Tora (ENB) 33.18, Christine Aumi (West Sepik) 29.87, Dancy Buka (WNB) 29.75; Women’s Long Jump – Helen Philemon (Morobe) 5.02, Maryanne Tutuai (ENB) 4.98, Regina Dale (ENB) 4.89; Men’s Discus – Peter Bray (ENB) 30.68, Simon Benari (West Sepik) 30.17, Charles Manau (WNB) 28.39; Men’s Long Jump – Roland Hure (NCD) 7. 21, Eldan Toti (ENB) 6.71, Karo Iga (Central) 6.69; Women’s 1500m – Mary Tenge, (Chimbu) 4.53.38, Jenny Albert (Chimbu) 4.56.37, Lyanne Tibu (ENB) 4.57.76; Men’s 5000m – Abel Siune (Chimbu) 16.07.81, Simbai Kasper (Chimbu) 16.08.64, James Kuadua (Chimbu) 16.13.31; Women’s 100m – Lyenne Nilmo (WNB) 12.46, Nancy Malamut (ENB) 12.65, Delvine Ainui (WNB) 13.09; Men’s 100m – Charles Livuan (ENB) 11.02, Kupun Wisil (Morobe) 11.20, Linus Kurapi (WNB) 11.22; Women’s 4 x 400m – Team Morobe 4.13.94, Team ENB 4.14.64, Team Chimbu 4.17.77; Women’s 200m – Lyenne Nilmo (WNB) 25.19, Regina Bokat (ENB) 25.54, Isilia Apkup (East Sepik) 26.16; Men’s 200m – Linus Kuravi (WNB) 22.25, Damien Kotou (Manus) 22.35, Kivi Kapai (Madang) 22.52; Women’s 400m – Isilia Apkup (East Sepik) 1.00.13, Nancy Malamut (ENB) 1.00.90, Lily Pewa (Madang) 1.02.08; Men’s 400m – Benjamin Aliel (Morobe) 48.24, William Wanga (Morobe) 49.06, Sydney Edward (ENB) 49.06m; Women’s 800m – Lyanne Tibu (ENB) 2.21.79, Tuna Tine (Chimbu) 2.22.82, Lode Kipu Pali (Morobe) 2.32.57; Men’s 800m – Lera Wagi (Central) 1.59.54, Juka Limba (Morobe) 1.59.76, Rodney Peni (WNB) 2.00.42; Men’s 400m Hurdles – Ratu Hou (Gulf) 56.26, Daniel Baul (NCD) 58.62, Rydell Dirihan (Morobe) 58.69; Women’s 3000m Steeplechase – Mary Tenge (Chimbu) 11.56.08, Celestine Afu (Central) 12.18.10, Emanuella Sine (Chimbu) 12.56.54; Women’s Shot Put – Barbara Nicolas (Chimbu) 9.88, Bonnie Moiye (NCD) 9.50, Dancy Buka (WNB) 9.23; Men’s 3000m Steeplechase – Simbai Kasper (Chimbu) 9.30.18, Robert Philip (Chimbu) 9.54.24, James Kuadua (Chimbu) 10.00.12; Men’s Triple Jump – Eldan Toti (ENB) 13.85, Robert Oa (NCD) 13.65, Leslie Gris (NCD) 13.29; Women’s Triple Jump – Maryanne Tutuai (ENB) 10.23, Delma Sommers (Morobe) 9.77, Talitha Jinkia (Morobe) 9.73; Women’s High Jump – Regina Dalo (ENB) 1.38m, Helen Bobo (ENB) 1.35, Delma Sommers (Morobe) 1.35; Men’s High Jump – Roland Hure (NCD) 1.94m, Karo Iga (Central) 1.92, Bonaventu Polu (Manus) 1.88; Women’s Hammer Throw – Jacklyn Traverts (NCD) 40.06m, Mels-Anne Tololo (WNB) 15.86, Dancy Buka (WNB) 12.32.