Trawen: I will not budge

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The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

ELECTORAL Commissioner Andrew Trawen says he will not bow to threats after the head of a dog attached to a cross was left at his home in Port Moresby last Saturday.
As a result, Trawen and his family are now under round-the-clock police protection.
Moresby Northeast elections returning officer Douglas Hare and NCD elections manager Cyril Retaw are also being watched over by police surveillance after similar threats were made to them.
Inside the dog’s mouth was a note telling Trawen to leave Port Moresby within 24 hours.
Trawen said any threats to him, his family, or his officials, will not deter him from carrying out his duties.
“I will not be swayed from protecting the integrity of the elections by any form of intimidation or threats,” he said.
“I will not tolerate any form of intimidation or threats issued against my elections officials and me personally, or our families, in relation to decisions we make to freely, fairly and safely deliver the elections,” he said.
NCD metropolitan commander Supt Peter Guinness said yesterday:  “I will not comment on what the note said. Let’s leave it like this.”
Guinness said police are treating the matter seriously.
“I have assigned officers to protect Trawen and his family members,” he said
Police have not yet identified the offenders and Guinness said the threat may have resulted from Trawen’s decision not to count 12 disputed ballot boxes for the Moresby Northeast seat.
The 12 boxes from Ward 6 in 6-Mile had allegedly been tampered with.
Guinness urged candidates and their supporters to leave the electoral officials alone.
“Any disputes must be taken to the court of disputed returns.”