Treasurer allocating funds to address gender-based violence


TREASURER Ian Ling-Stuckey will allocate funding for recommendations of the Special Parliamentary Committee on gender-based violence.
He expressed shock with the revelations of the committee’s report and said he was ready to support in whatever way he could.
“Going through the report, especially on sorcery-accusation related violence, I think back to my own province and I’m glad that such violence has not reach my province,” he said.
Ling-Stuckey said he was more determined that the country had to address this problem in those provinces where it was happening.
“There was an article in the newspaper, it shocked me, just like all of you, we saw a woman tied to a pole and tortured. It makes you angry,” he said.
Meanwhile, Northern Governor Garry Juffa expressed similar concerns.
“We have photographs of people tied naked and being tortured,” he said. “None of them will be arrested so they continue and they have the ‘glassman’ (fortune teller) industry that is on the rise.”
Juffa said people called ‘glassman’ were hired to identify suspected sorcerers and were making money and earning prestige in these communities while often targeting vulnerable people in society.