Treasurer announces review of central bank, other agencies

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TREASURY Minister Ian Ling-Stuckey says he will do a review of the central bank, some of its roles and its board after the Christmas break.
Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta queried some of the functions and roles of the bank given that it was 20 years since the last review.
The Treasurer responded: “In my first 100 days in Parliament, I have been very much focused on budget repair and I had no opportunity to work with those agencies under the Treasury Department. I will sit down with those agencies and conduct that review not just because it’s time to do it but having spoken to our multilateral partners, bilateral partners, range of stakeholders, many think that it is time so in relation to all of those specific concerns raised (by Haiveta).
“We will capture all of those in our review and bring it back to the relevant government agencies at the right time for further discussions.”

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