Treat gardening as business: ENB boss

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

EAST New Britain deputy provincial administrator Levi Mano has urged people in the province to treat gardening like a business.
He spoke on the issue last week when addressing vendors at the Kokopo market.
Mano said since the cocoa pod borer affected farms in ENB, the provincial government and its administration had been encouraging people to work hard in their vegetable gardens to sustain their livelihood and grow the local economy.
“Do not leave your garden for more than two weeks, treat vegetable farming as a business. When people have breakfast early in the morning and leave for work, you too must have your breakfast and go to your garden,” he said.
Mano urged people who had been “lazing” in urban areas and in their homes to “go back” to their land and engage in vegetable farming.
“We keep telling you but you have not been taking our calls seriously. Instead, you have been hanging around in the four lanes of Kokopo town and in Rabaul and Kerevat towns doing nothing,” he said.
“Be productive and live a life that is earned through hard work.”
Mano said ENB was facing many social problems because many people were expecting other people to provide for them.
“We cannot continuously rely on other people to work hard to feed us or clothes us, we have to help ourselves. I encourage the youths to go back to the village, be productive and be good citizens of this country.”