Tribal enemies to attend school show together


FOR the first time tribal enemies from Surunki in Enga’s Lagaip-Porgera district have come together to take part in a week-long school cultural show, which local leaders described as a breakthrough.
Surunki is termed one of the most dangerous fighting zones in the province.
These tribal enemies had come together to take part in a week-long peaceful cultural show hosted by the French Kaipale Primary School. It ended on Friday.
The people for the first time have maintained peace and contributed meaningfully to providing security to visitors and taking part in the celebration through cultural dancing and other form of entertainments.
A combined cultural singsing group participated which includes the students and the surrounding communities.
Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas gave K20,000 towards the hosting of the cultural show.
The show was attended by the Enga works adviser Charles
Bannah, first secretary to Sir Peter Dr Steven Kikala and other guests.
The show also coincided with the opening of the school’s library.
Kikala thanked the school for hosting the show.
He said such events brought together everyone to create a peaceful community.
Bannah said this was the first time for people to come together in Surunki to take part in a cultural show.
He said that at the first he decided that the show should not be held there because it could become another fighting venue for the tribes.
But he said that was not true it turned out to be a peaceful celebration.

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