Tribal fighting blamed for poor service delivery


SCHOOL principal Nelson Keke says tribal fighting in the Kompiam district of Enga is affecting services.
The Kompiam High School principal said travelling between Kompiam and Wabag was dangerous because of the recent fighting between two tribes living along the road.
He said police and soldiers recently arrested 26 people who had blocked the road.
“The people living further down the road are afraid to use is because of the recent events. It is also affecting the flow of services to the district,” Keke said.
Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas who visited the district last week urged the tribes to stop fighting.
“For the good of this district, I urged the people to lay down arms and mediate for peace in the communities,” he said.
Sir Peter said parents and the people should maintain peace and order.
“Everyone must say no to tribal fights. Fighting contributes to the loss of lives and destruction
of services that may take time to rebuild or sometimes lost forever,” he said.
He said people should not blame anyone else but themselves when health and education services were affected.

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