Tribal fighting threatens Hela

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

HELA has been plunged into chaos with tribal fighting all over the province, provincial administrator William Bando says.
He said it was a huge cost to the province in terms of lives and damage to properties.
“The biggest challenge we are faced with is tribal fights all over the province,” Bando told The National.
“This is the biggest threat to our province. The entire province is into fighting.
“We want to warn warriors and people out there who are killing each other that as the government,  we are not interested in their fights.
“We are interested in the protection of public safety and State properties.
“It has come to a stage where we can’t continue to waste public resources on pursuits that are costly to our people and the State.
“Our interest and help is to police and protect public safety and public property such as schools and aid posts.
“It’s about time people learn to stop fighting.”
Bando said compensation following tribal fights and killings had become a big industry in Hela.
“Fighting has now become an industry of its own where the ringleaders enrich themselves with pigs, money and contributions from compensation,” he said.
“So many people are competing to be ringleaders of tribal fights. People out there who are educated should not contribute to compensation as we are only contributing to the problem.
“The ringleaders are getting support from the general public, friends and relatives during compensation.
“They end up benefiting themselves,” Bando said.