Tribal head urges rivals to respect process

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The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014


A LEADER of a tribe that lost 37 people in a tribal fight last November is urging the rival tribe to respect the peace process.

 Jacob Walega is from the Kambia tribe in Kagua district, Southern Highlands, which lost its 37 members during an attack by the Wambea tribe using hand grenades.

Walega told The National in Mt Hagen that people must not disrupt the efforts being made to restore peace in the area.

He was responding to a statement by a Marcus Kamali claiming that it was the Kambia tribe which sprung the surprise attack on the Wambea people, resulting in much loss.

Walega said Kamali had twisted the fact around and he was not even from Wambea but from the Perepe tribe.

He said such misleading information could only renew hostilities.

“I want to appeal to the other people not to make misleading information while the leaders in the district and province are working hard to slowly restore peace,” he said.

Walega said Governor William Powi and Kagua-Erave MP James Lagea were trying to stop the tribal fight. 

He said his tribesmen scattered around the district were preparing to return to their village and were awaiting the outcome of the peace talk.