Tribal leaders angered as provincial leaders snub Selly Mol’s funeral

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TRIBAL leaders in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province, have raised concern over the failure by their provincial leaders to attend the funeral of slain policewoman, Selly Mol.
“Is this province safe to reside or not? Why are the MPs not here to pay their last respects?” Moge tribe leader Punta Las said.
Mrs Mol was killed last month in a hand-grenade explosion while trying to arrest a man wanted for bank robbery and murder.
Mr Las said the MPs were supposed to attend the funeral because she died in the line of duty while trying her best to maintain law and order.
“The MPs were supposed to address the people on the steps that they would  need to take to address the ongoing law and order problems in the province.
“Leaders were supposed to provide the best leadership to help police maintain law and order,” he said.
“No MP has seen it fit to attend Mrs Mol’s funeral. This is disappointing to say the least and we are concerned that they have failed to show up to address the people’s problems.
“We are now wondering whether we have a representative in Parliament or not,” Mr Las said.
He said the MPs, as leaders, must condemn such actions,especially the use of firearms to attack police officers, and discourage people from being involved in criminal activities.