Tribal warfare is evil, destructive on people

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

TRIBAL warfare is evil and destructive like a flagrant fire that consumes everything in its way.
For a very long time, we have been witnesses to its catastrophic effects.

Our forefathers fought; our great grandfathers fought; and of course our fathers and we have all participated in this evil activity one way or the other.

Beloved ones have been merci-lessly killed while properties worth millions of kina, have been destroyed.

The natural environment was forever ruined.

Chances of education for a better future are gone and for some it is lost for good.

But who are the real winners and what did they gain from it?

It is a misconception to think one wins in a tribal war because both sides lose.

Perhaps one side may consider it has achieved victory over the other because it suffered lesser human casualties and the size of its tribal properties destroyed is small compared to the losses suf-fered by the other.

However, that standard of measure for a winner is miscon-ceived from the very outset. Both are losers in a tribal warfare.

I am saddened by the actions of some well-educated citizens who appear to be encouraging their tribes to participate in this evil activity.

They should be discouraging not inciting their people to fight and kill their traditional enemies.
Do we want our people to be educated and have better lives?Do we dream for the future of the youths of our tribes that one day they will have meaningful lives?Do we want to see more of our young ones get educated?

I don’t understand what is wrong with some people who continue to incite tribal violence and disorder.
It is an evil that must be avoided at all costs.

Emmanuel Isaac Port Moresby