Tribalism bad

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

A SENIOR police officer says tribalism has no place in university campuses and students should resolve issues in a civilised manner.
Northern region assistant Police commissioner Peter Guinness said everyone had expected the students from Southern Highlands and Enga attending the University of Technology to solve problems like intellectuals.
“But that did not happen,” he said.
He said universities were where intellectuals went for higher learning and people expected them to practise what they learnt. Tribalism should not be practised in the university campuses,” he said.
“It is unbecoming of the students attending higher learning institutions.”
Guinness also criticised Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa for blaming Lae police and the Unitech administration of failing to protect lives and properties, resulting in the death of first-year student Graham Romanong in his dormitory on June 25.
Guinness said the Enga and Southern Highlands students had agreed to resolve their differences amicably.  “(So) it does not make sense to blame police over the death of the student. Statements from eyewitnesses in relation to the killing are yet to be collected and presented to the court as evidence,” Guinness said.
“For such a leader (Awesa) to issue statements like this is not good.
“It does not make sense to criticise the work of police and the university. The understanding was there at the time when assurance was given by the rival parties (that they had resolved everything) through reconciliation.”