Tribe’s oldest woman turns 92

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The National Thursday, 26th January 2012

THE secret to long life is to care for those in need, share resources with others and hold strongly onto Christian beliefs, Ether Wop said.
The great grandmother of 15 celebrated her 92nd birthday last Saturday at Kala village outside Mt Hagen city, Western Highlands.
Wop, of Moge Kiminiga Romtimp tribe, is the oldest woman in her tribe.
Her husband, Wop, died in 1980, leaving her behind with three sons and three daughters to take care of.
Esther now has 29 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.
Many of her grandchildren are highly educated, with some engaged in business, the public sector or studying overseas.
On Saturday, her grandchildren organised a birthday party to thank her for the hard work she did to raise the family.
Wop Breden and Dr Albert Anis said they were happy to see her live that long.
They described their grandmother as a committed Christian and a caring grandma.
Breden said Esther always helped people who were sick and in need.
He said whatever money or resources they gave her she seldom kept for herself.
He said when she saw other people in her community needing help, she always aided them.
Esther said the secret to long life was to show your love for other people by giving them a helping hand and holding onto her Christian faith.
She thanked family members for organising such a gathering for her.
Her family members slaughtered pigs, chickens and prepared other food from the garden and shared the meal with friends.