Tribe’s students run back-to-school meet

Education, Normal

The National, Monday February 24th, 2014


STUDENTS from the Minimbi tribe in Dei electorate, Western Highlands, attending institutions in the country gathered last Saturday in a back-to-school programme.

The programme, under the theme “Restoring the lost pride of all Minimbis”, was held at the Molga Lutheran Church ground, organised by the Minimbi tertiary students attending universities and tertiary institutions.

Many interesting topics were discussed, with advice to secondary and primary school students of the current entry requirements to universities, how to choose subject packages (career expo), the relationship among students and students with their student leaders, encouraging education to make it compulsory for all Minimbi school-aged children and discussion on the Minimbi students’ association progress.

Leader and students’ representative Daniel Mikienta said this was to help the children on what is education and how it would help them.

He said that such gatherings were healthy for the students to start off with their new schooling year.

“This something I want every student and student leaders to take on board as it will help a lot,” he said.

“Education must become a key area that we have to focus and develop it in our lives.”

Mikienta said the students were privileged to receive the blessings from the elderly people.

“Only when students are taught about education well then they will make it become more meaningful in their lives,” he said.