Tribe makes land available


Yamka tribesmen living outside Mt Hagen city are making their land available for businesses thatwant to operate there.
A spokesperson of the tribe, Pastor Steven Yalda, said that his people were happy to give away their land for developments and welcomed business investments.
Yalda said this last Friday during the opening of the Puma gas depot for the Highlands region at Dobel, along the Highlands Highway.
Puma has partnered a locally owned company, Fit Kumul Ltd, to distribute gas to customers in Western Highlands and the western end of the Highlands region.
Yalda said that business houses such as Puma Energy brought services into the community which his people would easily access.
He said there would be spin-off benefits from the operations of the gas depot such as the supply of fresh produce and store goods to employees of the company.
“We are happy to welcome new business houses and will continue to create an environment conducive for them to do business in our communities,” Yalda said.
A councillor from the Moge tribe in Hagen Central district Jacob Kop commended Yamka tribe for the approach they have taken to change their community.
Kop said the Yamka community had changed a lot and Dobel and Tega had become towns because the people were willing to give their land to developers and provide a good environment for the business houses to operate.
“The Yamka people are setting a good example and other people need to follow that in order to attract many business houses to develop our area,” he said.