Tribe member condemns roadblock at schools

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The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 A MEMBER of the Habapang tribe in Jiwaka is urging his tribesmen to stop interrupting the Catholic mission at Fatima.

Gabriel Kura was commenting on the action by a group of people to block access to the schools and clinic at Fatima until they were paid land compensation.

Kura said that the church played a vital role in bringing goods, services peace and harmony to the community and province.

Kura condemned the action of the few youths from his Habapang tribe who stopped students and vehicles from reaching Fatima by digging a drain across the road.

He said the Catholic Church provided education, health services, a seminary and guided people in their spiritual wellbeing.

He said most people were happy that the Catholic Church was providing these vital services at their doorstep.

“The issue of land compensation was settled last year by the Jiwaka provincial government and I don’t know why this minority group is trying to do.”

Kura said his tribe distanced itself from those involved in the illegal roadblock and apologised to the church for the inconvenience caused.

School has not started yet in Fatima.