Tribe pays compensation for student’s death

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 TWO warring tribes from Enga living in the National Capital District negotiated a peaceful compensation ceremony at the Kone Tigers Oval on Sunday.

The people of Londol, in Ambum Valley, in Kompiam-Ambum district, were led by Anderson Kend, who did not want their people to live in fear so they came forward to pay K42,000, six pigs and a cassowary to the people of Laiagam-Porgera as compensation.

Kend said the Laiagam-Pogera people were allegedly involved in the killing of a Grade 12 student from Kopen National High School three years ago.

His people retaliated and killed a law student at the University of Papua New Guinea as pay-back.

Kend said his people could not wait longer for the Laiagam-Porgera people to pay compensation so his group decided to make the compensation first, and hopefully Laiagam-Porgera would pay theirs later.

 “We are approaching the media to help us publicise our compensation ceremony so the people from these two warring clans can now lay down their arms,” Kend said.