Tribe wants rivals out

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The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 THE Watut people will present a petition to government authorities demanding the repatriation of the Bubu people from Bulolo.

That follows the recent ethnic clash between the two groups which ended in two deaths last month.

The 14-day eviction notice from Sept 21 lapses today.

District administrator Tae Gwambelek said he was aware of the intention of the Watuts.

The Bubu people are taking refuge at the Bulolo police station.

Gwambelek said police station commander Insp Timothy Pomoso had advised the Bubus to return to their homes because the police station was not a care centre.

He said it would be unsafe to live there in the event of a cell breakout and the station undergoing construction. 

Bubu spokesman Francis Laiam said they were willing to move back to their homes but the Watuts were hesitant to allow them back.

“Our going back and security is not guaranteed,” he said.