Tribes in Kundiawa sign town agreement

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The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013


MAJOR tribes surrounding Kundiawa town in Chimbu have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of urbanisation and Simbu provincial government to re-develop and expand the town to get city status.

Chimbu Governor Noah Kool, provincial administrator Joe Kunda and national urbanisation programme director Max Kep signed the agreement in Kundiawa last Friday.

“If Kundiawa town has to be re-developed and expanded, this is the opportunity that should not be missed,” Kool said.

He welcomed the initiative of the office of urbanisation and Simbu provincial government to liaise with customary landowners  to enter the undersigning.

Kep commended the political will shown by Governor Kool and provincial administrator Kunda to assist landowners to play an active role in the re-development and expansion of Kundiawa town.

Kep praised the landowners for their  confidence and trust in the programme that would help them to participate in the development process where they would enjoy long-term benefits.

The tribes that signed the agreement were Endugla, Narku, Kamaneku, Yongumugl and Dinga.

Their spokesmen was in support of the programme as it would help them to see their town dubbed as the “Four Corner town” develop to attain city status under the National Urbanisation Policy 2010-2030 covering customary land within new urban boundaries.

The deal was formalised when the Office of Urbanisation, the provincial government and office of the governor signed an agreement to begin initial negotiation with the customary landowners late last month.

Deputy director of Urbanisation Office Daniel Gonno, with the help of Aula Kobale, conducted awareness over the past two weeks.

The new town boundary stretched from as far as Gera Ground Bruk (east) to Guo (west) beyond Yuai (north) and to Waghi (south) boundaries.