Tribes make peace at women’s conference

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The National, Thursday 2nd May 2013

 THE eighth national women’s conference hosted by the PNG Christian Fellowship last month in Muglamp district, Dei electorate, Western Highlands was a 


Pr Michael Jack from a fellowship in Port Moresby said the conference brought tribes together after seven years of tribal war.  

“One of the many miracles was the declaration of peace among warring tribes of Kimka, Rolgka, Walglupka, Remdies and Kopi,” he said. 

“The main message of peace and prosperity through Jesus Christ converted and healed many people. 

“The tribal wars resulted in loss of food and coffee gardens worth thousands of kina.”

“The pastors of PNG Christian Fellowship also committed their communities to the Almighty, asked for forgiveness and blessing on their people.” 

“The pastors are calling on businessmen, elites and the local MPs to recognise peace and foster its process for the good of the community and its people.”