Tropical cyclone expected to affect Gulf, Western, border areas


A LOW pressure system in the Gulf of Carpentaria is expected to develop into a tropical cyclone by the weekend, according to the National Weather Service forecasts.
Director Jimmy Gomoga said gale-force winds were expected to come through in the middle of the week as a result.
“It’s going to be well developed by Wednesday and intensify over the weekend which will affect Western province and the western parts of Gulf,” he said.
“Expect strong gale or storm winds to hit Western province starting on Thursday and continue into the weekend.”
Gomoga said the entire country should experience strong wind surges as a result, with heavier rainfalls in the Highlands and New Guinea Islands regions likely to cause flooding.
“People should expect gale force winds when strong winds come through by Friday. People in Western and Gulf should tie down their houses,” he said.
“It is important for people to avoid going out at sea and the Fly River for their own safety as the sea will be rough and the waves will be five-seven metres high.”
Port Moresby should experience the odd evening showers, Mamose and the Southern regions should expect rain by the end of the week – that should go on throughout the weekend, he said.
Meanwhile, gale-force wind warning extends all to southern parts of the country, Milne Bay and the Vitiaz Strait with another low pressure system forming on the east of Bougainville and northern east of Solomon Islands.
Gale force of 75–102km per hour winds can be expected.
“Communities along the southern coasts of PNG and the Indonesian border to Kiwai Islands should brace themselves for strong winds and high seas.”