Trouble-free Xmas in Madang

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CHRISTMAS was trouble-free in Madang except for a pack rape which, police reported, happened during a social night at one of the night clubs in town.
Madang police station commander Sr Insp Steven Kaipa said the victim was a 30-year-old woman from Enga province.
Sr Insp Kaipa said the woman went dancing with friends at a popular night club and was taken for a drive by four men who raped her at a public toilet out of town.
She walked back to town and laid a complaint with police.
Sr Insp Kaipa said despite this, Madang residents enjoyed a quiet Christmas apart from the arrest of a few drunks who were locked up and released when they were sober.
He said although there was a three-month liquor ban in the province, some liquor outlets were still selling beer.