Truce called

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The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE Port Moresby Rugby Football League (POMRFL) are back on course with the election of the new acting board members on Monday night.
In a special general meeting, all 14 clubs agreed to put their differences aside and nominate the club presidents to fill the vacant executive positions.
The meeting elected Kone Storm’s nominee Samson Unagi as senior vice-presidents while  Dobo Warriors president Jack Ninkama was elected as junior vice-president.
Both Unagi and Ninkama were elected unopposed.
POMRFL board member Dr Gideon Kendino nominated Thomas Tarabu, a former Hawks delegate for the secretary’s position, and was seconded by Wayne Moari of Paga Panthers.
Royals president Timothy Gena was elected as treasurer after his only opponent James Hol from Souths club declined his nomination making him the automatic choice for the treasurer’s post.
In a press conference yesterday, acting chairman Labi Amaiu said the election of a full acting board would bring back normalcy to Port Moresby rugby league after a rift among clubs.
After two months of turmoil, as the leading rugby league association in the country, POMRFL have put their differences aside to allow their players to enjoy their football.
“We basically want to tell the supporters in Port Moresby and the country that POMRFL are back to normal,” Amaiu said.
Unagi thanked all clubs for putting the players’ interest first to allow the full POMRFL board in place.
Ninkama, one of the leaders of the renegade group, said he would work with Amaiu and the acting board for the benefit of the players.
Kendino endorsed the acting board stating that POMRFL must move and should not dwell in the past as at the end of the day, rugby league must prevail.
With the acting board in place, POMRFL will complete the season in good spirit until a proper board can be appointed during the annual general meeting in November.