Trucks urged to limit cargo size

Highlands, Normal


TRUCKING companies operating along the Okuk Highway have been urged to cut down on their cargo by acting Highlands police divisional commander Thomas Eluh.
“Stop overloading because the chances of your trucks breaking down on the road is high,” Supt Eluh said.
He said the continuous rain had resulted in many landslips, washed away bridges and created crater-like potholes on the road.
“Trucking companies engaged by mining companies to transport dangerous chemicals to mines are urged to be extra careful because a silly mistake can result in accidents that may pollute the rivers, affecting the ecosystems and livelihood of the people.
“Many section of the road from Eastern Highlands to Simbu then to Enga and Southern Highlands province are in very bad condition.
“It’s like a death trap. Drivers must be careful when transporting passengers and cargo on the road,” he said.
Supt Eluh said the bad road conditions had caused too many fatal accidents last month in Markham, Paia Kona and Baiyer in the Western Highlands province.
He also appealed to bus drivers to exercise extra caution due to the busy period as students return to school.
“Do not speed on bad road conditions. The lives of people and children are in your hands.
“Passengers are urged to report drivers who speed or drive under the influence of alcohol,” he said.
Supt Eluh said all provincial police commanders will be conducting regular roadblocks to inspect vehicle conditions.
We will be looking for trucks that are overloaded, unregistered vehicles, and we will be checking that the condition of people’s tires is satisfactory, Supt Eluh said.